Seeing through the eyes of a drone

As drones take to the skies, smart glasses are providing pilots a better way to navigate by letting them see through the eyes of the drone. Epson's smart glasses, Moverio BT-200 uses the Splashtop Mirroring360 application to do just that.

14th ISMAR being held in Japan

In 2003 and 2007, the 2nd ISMAR and the 6th ISMAR were held in Tokyo and Nara, respectively. Now with ISMAR2015, it is the third time that ISMAR is hosted in Japan. ISMAR2015 is being held at Fukuoka City, from September 29th to October 3rd, 2015. Fukuoka City is one of the most populated cities in Japan (currently, 1.5 million people are living in Fukuoka) and the largest city in Kyushu Island. Kyushu is the third largest island of Japan, located at the southwestern part of the country.

Get inside an invisible car with Project Tango at AWE Asia

One of Google's most anticipated projects, Project Tango, will be featured at AWE Asia. Project Tango combines 3D motion tracking with depth sensing to give your mobile device the ability to know where it is and how it moves through space. At AWE USA this past June, Tango lead Johnny Lee demonstrated this new technology by placing a digital car on stage and took a tour around it with a tablet powered by Tango before getting inside of it.

Fly like a superhero at AWE Asia

This October your dream of being able to fly will become a reality. AWE Asia is pleased to feature MindRide's AirFlow experience, an interactive and immersive experience which will let you take to the skies. AirFlow uses a combination of virtual reality, harnesses and fans to simulate the flying experience complete with the wind in your face. MindRide won best in show at Augmented World Expo this past summer in Santa Clara where it wowed the crowds in the virtual reality expo created in partnership with UploadVR.

Superpowers to the People! Introducing the AWE 2015 conference theme

From X-ray vision to teleportation, new technologies are bringing “Superpowers to the People” which is exactly why we have chosen this concept as the AWE 2015 conference theme. Our new cast of characters help us exemplify how AR, VR, Wearables and IoT are transforming the ordinary into extraordinary, giving superpowers to anyone that has access to them.