2-days jam packed with the finest minds in augmented and virtual reality, wearable tech, and IoT
Day 1
17 Oct 2015
Day 2
18 Oct 2015

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Guosheng Yang – Vice Secretary, Xi’an Business Bureau

Welcome, Opening Remarks & Introduction for XHTZ

Renhua Yang – Deputy Director of Xi’an High-Tech Zone Management Committee

Launching Ceremony

Ori Inbar – Co-Founder & CEO of Guosheng Yang – Vice Secretary, Xi’an Business Bureau Renhua Yang – Deputy Director of Xi’an High-Tech Zone Management Committee Yijian Wu –...
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Yijian Wu
Ori Inbar


Intel RealSense

Tag: AR Platforms
Sam Shen

Using Qualcomm® Vuforia to Build Breakthrough Mobile & Eyewear Experiences

Learn how to get started developing with the Qualcomm® Vuforia™ mobile vison platform. ShenLi will provide an overview of the platform and explain how to create exceptional user experiences, such...
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Shen Li

ARToolKit Workshop

An introduction to ARToolKit: generating target markers and building applications Tag: Workshop
Phil Lamb

The Explosive Growth of Augmented Reality

The augmented reality industry is growing explosively at present time. Digi Capital’s market forecast of $120 billion by 2020 is only one of the many industry indicators. Andy will provide...
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Andy Gstoll

AR Strategy of Lenovo and Its Development

Tag: AR Platforms
Zhuang Yitang
12:30 - 13:30


​Success Stories Connecting Offline to Online (O2O)​

Offline to online opens the door to many different interactions with the real world that lead to digital experiences or access to information that is useful and valuable for an...
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David Marimon

EasyAR SDK launch

Xiaojun Zhang – Founder & CEO of VisionStar Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Yi Tu – COO of VisionStar Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Song Jian – AR Engine Architect,...
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Song Jian
Xiaojun Zhang

Expanding Use Cases For Augmented Reality Retail

As Augmented Reality evolves in the marketplace, retailers and brands are deploying Augmented Reality for retail in different ways. Zugara will review current use cases, stats and studies in the...
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Matt Szymczyk

AR: The Weapon to Open the O2O market

Tag: AR for Commerce
Steven Zhang

AR in Digital Publishing Education

Tag: AR for Education
Steven Zhou


Wikitude SDK Workshop

This workshop is all about the Wikitude SDK – Which features are offered and how can you use them in your existing application. Tag: Workshop
Andreas Hauser

Map Story – The Big Bang Theory, 13.8 billion years explained in AR

Map Story is an Octagon Studio Augmented & Virtual Reality platform which allows users to create a story over a time line. In Map Story, we can select a time line...
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Michael Healy

AR in Toys and Children Education

Tag: AR for Education
Jianming Xiong

Designing for Wearables

Designing interfaces for wearable computers is very different from designing for desktop or mobile devices. This workshop with teach how to develop effective interfaces for head worn wearable computers. Topics...
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Mark Billinghurst

The Future of Technical Documentation

Augmented Reality turns your documentation into an efficient digital manual. CAP integrates the production of visual and digital content directly into the authoring process”Augmented Reality turns your documentation into an...
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Jan Witkamp

AR from Education to Entertainment

Yiming New – CTO, iGinwa Tag: AR for Education


Augmented Reality: The Next 20 Years

The first Augmented Reality (AR) systems were developed nearly 50 years ago, but it is only in the last 10 years that AR has become widely available for consumers. Since...
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Mark Billinghurst

Smartglasses and the Future of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Smartglasses and the future of AR/VR will take a high level look at the state of the AR/VR market, beginnings, challenges, solutions, the ecosystem, and the convergence of AR/VR. Tag:...
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Dan Cui

Open Source – Innovation!

ARToolKit has a history of open source innovation dating back to 2001. Since its acquisition by DAQRI, the previously professional versions of the software have now also been released open...
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Ben Vaughan

AR – The New Disruptive Force in Marketing

Today holistic brand experience trumps both comms and functional product benefit. Brands must find ways to create valuable and memorable experiences for their customers. The successful ones are those who...
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Sean Nichols

Startup Showcase

Featuring Waygo, Fringefy, MAD Mobile Application Development Limited and M33D Ryan Rogowski – CEO & Creator, Waygo Ryan will be showcasing a prototype of Waygo for AR platforms and share...
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Ben Jiang
Wu Feng
Ryan Rogowski
Assif Ziv

Unity3D Development Workshop

Lingming Zhang – Development Manager, Unity Tag: Workshop


CraftAR: the ​Image Recognition and Augmented Reality​ toolbox by Catchoom

Catchoom has delivered over 420 million interactions to date and has 12+ years of experience in AR under its belt. CraftAR is the flagship product of Catchoom and this workshop will...
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David Marimon

The Dawn of VR Era

Jason Jian


Handson Tutorial: AR Algorithm for Educational products

Xun Yang – CTO, Chengdu Weily Interactive Co., Ltd. Tag: Workshop

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