AR – The New Disruptive Force in Marketing

18 Oct 2015
11:00 am-11:30 am
Main Theater - 3rd Floor

AR – The New Disruptive Force in Marketing

Today holistic brand experience trumps both comms and functional product benefit. Brands must find ways to create valuable and memorable experiences for their customers. The successful ones are those who manage to be both relevant and also add value to the moment. Visual marketing is a key tool which enables brands to do this.

This new form of marketing uses augmented reality and image recognition technologies to enable people to point at objects and images and then serves them useful and inspiring information which is contextually relevant. It’s quickly gaining mass appeal amongst some of the largest brands and publishers.

During this session we will share best practice and show examples of how brands are already succeeding at using visual marketing as a tool for consumer engagement and content marketing.

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