Startup Showcase

18 Oct 2015
11:30 am-12:30 pm
Main Theater - 3rd Floor

Startup Showcase

Featuring Waygo, Fringefy, MAD Mobile Application Development Limited and M33D

Ryan Rogowski – CEO & Creator, Waygo

Ryan will be showcasing a prototype of Waygo for AR platforms and share insights about the future of AR and translation. Then he will delve into some of the design challenges the industry faces in building software for AR as well as share some experiences of what it has been like to build Waygo for AR headsets.

Assif Ziv – Co-Founder, Fringefy

Fringefy develops image recognition technology specifically for buildings and stores. They recognize places in real time and only use a single unconstrained image to do so.

Chan Kam On – CTO, Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Ltd.

Bin Jiang – General Manager, M33D Content Factory